“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”
― Winston S. Churchill

As about 30 rockets crashed down on joint U.S.-Iraqi bases last week where an American contractor was killed and several U.S. and Iraqi troops were wounded, Americans were still ignorant that this is what happens when you appease terrorists

And yet, social media is chockfull of citizens and politicians, with their hate for the sitting president so intense, that they blame him for escalating the violence with Iran instead of placing it where it belongs: with the government of Iran. 

It is shocking that Americans are lamenting the death of a terrorist who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of your own countrymen as well as thousands of people across the region. “We don’t want to go to war with Iran!” was the prevailing attitude across social media. That is a sane and logical argument. No one in the U.S. WANTS to go to war with Iran. But sorry folks, Iran has been at war with you for 40 years and it is time to wake up.