In 2015, a group of archaeologists and researchers mounted an expedition into a long uninhabited region of Honduras in search of the legendary “White City” – also known locally as, “The City of the Monkey God.”  The city has been rumored to exist for centuries, abandoned abruptly, according to legend, when the city fell under a curse.  Using the latest technology, they surveyed and mapped the region that once held a people who were entirely independent from the Mayan civilization of the same region.  In fact, so little is known about the group of people who lived in what was then a fabled city that they don’t even have a name.

Their efforts paid off, however, as they nearly stumbled across the protruding stone jaguar head.  Soon, they found a number of other artifacts indicating that the large statue wasn’t an anomaly – there was, in fact, an entire city surrounding them in the dense Honduran jungle.  Excavations started immediately, and now a large portion of the city has been freed from its dirt-born grave.

Soon, another expedition was mounted in order to excavate more of this mysterious city and its surrounding area.  The team of archaeologists were accompanied by bestselling novelist Douglas Preston, in a move that seems almost like they knew that one day somebody was probably going to want to make a movie about their trip, but they likely couldn’t have guessed why.