Two Iranian Navy warships, believed to have been headed for Venezuela with arms and small attack boats, have now veered their course and are steaming north up the west coast of Africa, according to U.S. officials. U.S. officials believe that the two ships are now heading either into the Mediterranean and then to Syria or north toward Russia.

Tanker Trackers, a website that monitors sea traffic, projects that the warships may be headed to Syria for military exercises with Russia and will reach Gibraltar around July 4. 

Nevertheless, the ships have feigned changing course many times already and this may just well be another smokescreen.

The Ships Appear to Be Carrying Significant Equipment

The domestically-built IRIS Sahand frigate and a converted oil tanker, the Makran, had left Iran and steamed around the Cape of Good Hope, a first for the Iranian Navy. That feat was touted on Iranian television as an indicator of the Iranian Navy’s growing power as the two Iranian warships did not have to dock at an international port.