If our trackers tracked morale and training they would face an existential crisis.

Life in the military can be tedious but, a relatively new tracker system to limit command’s exposure to controversial mishaps is the hurting the force.

When I left the military, I did so under some duress. That stress stemmed from trackers and online training that I didn’t need. The army didn’t need me to do them either. The tracker system told me and my command, with two weeks left in the Army that if I didn’t complete my self-development I could face a board to be early retired (QMP).

It was not possible that this would take place or was it likely the Army would remove a soldier for not completing a silly online training tool that no one acknowledged as being useful for a soldier’s development, despite its name. Not to mention a soldier that has never received a poorly rated evaluation report or faced disciplinary action. I had two weeks left in the Army. My Sergeant Major was on my the case because a tracker told him so I was red on this training, and it had to get done, or I would face repercussions of QMP and be asked to leave the army.