Some may know Major General John Brennan, aka “Bam Bam,” as the badass Delta Force operator who commanded the raid that killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS.

In 2019, Bam Bam was christened the Commanding General of the 1st Special Forces Command (SFC), making him the Green Beret of all Green Berets.

1st Special Forces Command oversees five Active Duty Special Forces Groups, two National Guard Special Forces Groups, two Psychological Operations Groups, one Civil Affairs Brigade, and one Sustainment Brigade. The command is comprised of over 22,000 personnel.

Of course, the Army isn’t just going to let any shmo run one of the most elite warfighting organizations on earth. By all accounts, Major General Brennan is the ultimate warrior. He’s a Whiskey 9, meaning he has completed the Military Free Fall and Combat Diver schools, and was the B Squadron commander while in Delta. If that’s not enough to butter your bread, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) sources have happily admitted to SOFREP that Brennan is nothing less than one “hell of a warfighter.”

Well, this warfighter has struck again, right here at home. On Saturday, he voluntold himself and members of the Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT) to deliver over 650 fresh Domino’s pizzas to soldiers quarantined in barracks.

Their goal was to reach out to single soldiers who have had little interaction with the outside world. These soldiers didn’t get the option for contactless delivery. According to the SFCT, this was a full-on “Social Distance Respectful Pizza Party!”

Instead of Major General Brennan being cloaked in body armor, night vision, and a slung M4, he was armed with a face mask, gloves, and a positive mental attitude. Brennan and his small army made these soldiers’ day.

The 1st SFC pointed out that, “In Special Operations, we believe humans are more important than hardware.” Brennan no doubt put that belief into practice.