Hi Everyone,

I wanted to introduce our latest contributor to SOFREP. He’ll write under “BK” due to operational commitments.  I’m excited to have some solid AFSOC representation on the site and looking forward to some great USAF content.

Thanks for hopping on the SOF pirate ship with us, BK.

Brandon, Editor-in-Chief


Greetings, SOFREP readers! It’s great to be a writing here, and I want to thank these gentlemen for letting me be a small part of SOFREP.com…

Hitting the basics: Former USAF pararescue team member, currently dabbling in the security contracting department in various spots around the globe. I spend my down time back in lovely San Diego, drinking too much beer and arguing with hippies.

In the future, I’m looking forward to coming here from time to time to bring you news from not only the pararescue career field, but as much AFSOC information as I can get.

Since the PJ community is one of the lesser known SOF groups, I am also looking to to writing some articles detailing the selection and training schools that PJs, combat controllers, and other AFSOC personnel attend.  I want to look at the day in the life of the typical PJ squadron, from the renowned mountaineers of the 212th rescue squadron in Alaska, to one of the 4 special mission units (SMU) of JSOC, the 24th special tactics squadron.

There are also various lifestyle issues pertaining to the SOF community that greatly interest me. Physical fitness and guns, of course.  Camping, mountaineering, and general outdoorsy stuff.  Fast cars, motorcycles, and who gives the best perfomance down at the local pole dancing university.  In other words, everything that concerns the special operator… and you!

If there is anything you think would be worthy of a blog post or article, or if you have questions about PJ/AFSOC training, please don’t hesitate to hit me up, either via Comms Check or the comments. I look forward to hearing from all of you.