It’s been getting reported all day that the families of the 5 servicemembers who have been killed since the beginning of the month, including the Rangers killed on Saturday, will not receive their death benefits, to the tune of $100,000, for funeral expenses.  This is a big deal, and a lot of people are coming out in outrage over it, and want to help.

Right now there is a lot of enthusiasm to help out these families.  It is translating into a great deal of public shame for Congress, and there is legislation in the works to get the Soldiers’ and Marines’ families their death benefits, with a vote possible by the end of the week.  If people want to help, one of the things they should do is contact their Representatives and Senators to push for this legislation to be passed.

In the meantime, there are several charities who are stepping forward to provide monetary assistance to the families of the fallen.  Right now the best place to give is the Ranger S5, which is raising money for the Lead the Way Fund, which is best placed to get the money where it needs to go.

Hopefully this will be a non-issue soon, but if you feel the need to help, go to Ranger S5.