Intelligence analysts work hard behind the scenes and rarely get recognized for their efforts. However, Army CPT Bradley Grimm received the Danish Defense Medal for Special Meritorious Effort for his role in stopping an attack on a school in Denmark. According to the Army Times,

Grimm provided “actionable intelligence” about a bomb threat against a school in Denmark, Warren said this week during a briefing with reporters.

“The information he provided helped to foil a plot and resulted in an arrest and a confiscation of explosives,” he said. “Brad’s work likely saved the lives of Danish citizens.”

Grimm, who is based at Iraq’s al Asad Airbase while deployed, helped develop a system to “speed the flow of intelligence” from the ground to senior leaders, Warren said. He also gleaned valuable intelligence from “exploited captured documents on enemy foreign fighters who were from Denmark or who had relatives in Denmark, as well as some cyber information on possible terrorist threats to Denmark,” Warren said.

Author’s note: I have deployed with Bradley Grimm, and he is by far one of the best all-source officers and analysts I have worked with. We worked closely due to our roles; at the time, I was a G2 battle captain and he led the all-source section in the ACE (analysis and control element). He always made some outstanding products, so I am not surprised to see him recognized for his work.