I usually try to stay out of this kind of drama, especially when it involves the SEAL community. That’s not my community, and Recon Marines have a longstanding rivalry with SEALs in the first place. But when a hit piece aimed at Brandon Webb starts circulating, with plenty of cues that indicate it’s coming from the same people who attacked The Warfighter Foundation earlier this year, I get a little fed up.

Brandon has already explained the irregularities in the article in question. This isn’t journalism. This is high-school backbiting writ large.

If these people have a personal beef with Brandon, that’s their business. But they won’t leave it at that. They’ve already lashed out and attempted to destroy a veteran-started and -owned charity that had nothing to do with their vendetta. Their holier-than-thou complaints about “profiting from the fallen” doesn’t ring true when they’re willing to do something like that. They only care about their egos and trying to destroy a man they don’t like, along with anyone even remotely connected with him.

That fact alone should indicate very clearly who is in the right in this situation.

(Featured image courtesy: ABC News)