Some SAS members acted like “self-righteous, entitled pricks.”

After a long-running investigation looking into war crimes reportedly committed by Australian troops, Major-General Adam Findlay, the commander of Australia’s Special Forces, has admitted that some members of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) indeed committed war crimes in Afghanistan. He blamed these atrocities on “poor moral leadership” during a private briefing to dozens of Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) soldiers at Perth’s Campbell Barracks in late March.

The briefing’s leaked comments also contained the staggering admission that war crimes committed in Afghanistan may have been covered up. The general added that Australia’s special forces will probably take a decade to recover from the long war crimes probe. The investigation was conducted by Major-General Paul Brereton, a judge in New South Wales and a senior officer in Australia’s army reserve.

SOFREP has previously reported on the issue.