Early last month, footage surfaced on social media showing 29-year-old FBI agent Chase Bishop dancing in a crowded bar in Denver, Colorado, finishing his display with a backflip that saw his firearm fall from its holster and land on the floor. The agent quickly went to recover his weapon, pulling the trigger of the pistol as he did, and firing a single shot into the crowd — hitting a nearby bystander. Bishop can be seen clearly in the footage demonstrating no concern for the man he’d shot, tucking the pistol back into its holster before raising his hands and walking away back into the crowd.

Bishop turned himself in to local law enforcement within days of the incident occurring, charged with second-degree assault with more charges looming, pending the results of a drug and alcohol screening.

Now, a Denver District Judge has chosen to amend the protection order placed on Bishop to permit the FBI agent to carry a firearm once again, both on and off duty.

According to local news reports, Bishop’s attorney, David Goddard, argued that Bishop needed to have his service weapon returned to him, citing FBI policy mandating that agents are required to be armed at all times. The prosecution did not dispute the request, nor did Tom Reddington, the man Bishop shot.