Below is a personal favorite. I used a short key at the bottom to clarify a few terms.



BALLAD of The US Navy SEAL Teams

I’m a lover, a figther

An American UDT SEAL diver.

That’s a rootin tootin shootin paratroopin

SCUBA diving demolition double cap crippin’


Last of the bare-knuckle fighters

No muff too tough, I dive for five

Tuck, suck, fuck, nibble and chew

I dine and interwine, masturbate,

ejaculate and copulate.

I Drive Navy trucks, that’s 2by’s, 4by’s, 6by’s

and those big mother fuckers that go Shhh Shhh

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and bend in the middle.

Been around the world twice

and talked to everyone once. Seen two

white whales fuck and

been to two

pigmy picnics.

Met a man from Nantucket with a marble head and wooden cock

and ladies, if you don’t like my face you can sit on it!




Cap crimpers-tool used to prepare demolition charges.  Mainly to secure blasting caps to detonation cord.

2by’s, 4by’s-big ass trucks.

Muff-I hope I don’t have to explain this one.

UDT-Underwater Demolition Team

Frogman-term used to describe Navy SEALs and UDT

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