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Objective Lynx, Haditha Dam, 2 March 2003 (Day 3 of the battle)

From where CWO4 Gregory “Gravy” Coker lay wrapped up in his camouflaged “woobie” under his AH-6J Little Bird attack helicopter, he looked like a great big ol’ camouflaged… Chief! This was his usual grabbing of shut-eye posture when he wasn’t aloft making steel rain down on Iraqi Republican Gaurd and Fedayeen combatants dancing the Cotton-Eyed Joe on the desert floor below.

Chief was awakened by the distinct sound of E-Tool shovels chopping in hard soil — “tink, tink, tink.” Opening his eyes, he saw two young Rangers just some ten feet away, grinning sweet grins of victory.

“We saved ya, Chief!” grinned one Ranger, the other holding up the remains of a sizeable cobra snake they had just hacked to death with their E-Tools. “He was heading straight for ya, fixing to join you there in your woobie.”

Chief Coker took a quick squint at the reptilian remains and:

“Well, y’all sho-nuff did save me — thanks, guys — Rangers Lead The Way!” and the Rangers headed off to display their trophy to their mates.

That was as fitting a way as any to wake up at Objective Serpent, Chief Greg figured as he stripped off his snivel gear. The temperature range was extreme in this western Iraqi desert, spreading from near-freezing cold at night to the usual summer roast at noon. Chief was going through his morning hygiene ritual as the news flash of breaking events filtered through to him: Rangers Rescue Rousted Ragamuffin from Rack-Attacking King Cobra — film at 11! There you had it; it was sure to make the Rangers’ Christmas skit that year.