(Feature Image: Ironhead in the Tora Bora Mountains of Afghanistan hunting UBL)

The Delta Force had a head of iron in the day; it had an Ironhead. But it only ever had just the one, the one-and-only Ironhead. Delta Force eventually lost its Ironhead to the 75th Ranger Regiment, the organization from which Ironhead originally came to Delta. It appeared that the Rangers needed an Ironhead just a little bit more than Delta needed one. Delta graciously yielded its Ironhead to the Rangers, a gesture for which they were sorely grateful, those Rangers… after all, who would be anything but immensely grateful at being gifted an Ironhead.

“We’ll see your Ironhead, and raise you a dozen of our best men” the Rangers bid.

“That’s okay; you take our Ironhead, and you keep the change—God speed!” Delta graciously conceded.

Ironhead as he reports to the funeral for the untimely death of our brother Thomas ‘Dalton Fury’ Greer, author of the New York best seller Kill Bin Laden

In those days Delta had used the B-Jesus out of its Ironhead. It was late in the year 2001 that Delta sent a squadron of its best warriors to the mountains of Tora Bora Afghanistan, lead by its own Major Thomas “Dalton Fury” Greer as their commander. To ensure sanity of command, and safety of its warriors, Delta released its assault force to the care of its very own Ironhead.

Ironhead, Tom Greer and his mauraders

It was there, there in ‘Asscrackistan’ that Delta’s Ironhead and the boys smashed the living dog $hit out of a massive force of Al Qaeda in the Tora Bora mountain region, chasing the cowardly Usama Bin Laden from his mountain gauge, across the border into Pakistan. There he remained in hidden exile for the remainder of his wretched life, to be eventually executed by elite Navy SEALs of the exalted SEAL Team Six.

Ironhead (right) in the Raq, takes a moment to share a frame with Brian ‘Cracker’ C.

It was after the fight in Tora Bora that Delta felt stable enough to pass its sacred torch, its own Ironhead, to the Ranger Regiment.

The Ironhead took his Rangers to Iraq to continue the war on terrorism. There, Ironhead lead his Rangers to capture a key strategic target subject, the vaunted Haditha Dam.