Team Room: I’m preparing this post by Travis Lively now for It’s an interview with Craig Sawyer regarding his upcoming debut on Animal Planet with “BATTLEGROUND: Rhino WARS.”  It involves 3 SEALs and an SF 18 DELTA medic working in South Africa to take on Rhino Poachers, and that seems like a pretty worthy effort! – Charlie


What do you get when you send three elite US Navy SEALs and a US Army Special Forces Green Beret, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and weapons, on a mission to stop poachers from killing off the last of Africa’s wild rhinoceros population?  You get “Muscular Conservation.”  This is the beginning of a new and innovative strategy Animal Planet appears to be adopting in an effort to assist with curbing the rampant poaching of the world’s most exotic, majestic and endangered species.   

BATTLEGROUND: RHINO WARS is a new Animal Planet mini-series, which could serve as a template for this new innovative and unconventional approach animal conservation.   This mini-series also appears to have helped inspire A-list actor, Tom Hardy, with the help of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, to come up with the idea of an anti-poaching movie late last summer.

I caught up with friend and fellow former US Navy SEAL and “Rhino” team leader Craig “Sawman” Sawyer to discuss the excitement building around his latest project:

Q: It’s great to catch up with you Brother. How the hell have you been?

A: Man, I’ve been staying busy as ever, but now it’s become increasingly more centered upon the entertainment work I do. I’m still doing other tactical work and instruction, but the filming is increasing and starting to take over.

Q: Needless to say, you have been extremely busy with numerous successful projects over the past several years.  What makes BATTLEGROUND: Rhino Wars stand apart from the various other TV projects you have done?