I’d like to introduce you to Drew Wallace, Executive Producer of SOFREP TV. Drew served in 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, conducting multiple deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq. Additionally, he worked for Blackwater Worldwide supporting the Department of State (DOS) during operations in Iraq. He has over 10 years experience in the Defense Industry in research, product development, and consulting. When I asked him about Episode 4: Winter Warfare, this is what he said about the episode:

I always say that when it’s ’70 degree’s and sunny’ anybody can be a great operator. But under adverse conditions is when true colors are revealed. My time in the 75th Ranger Regiment taught me to train like you fight – and you are never going to fight in perfect conditions. We spent the past couple days training in the vicinity of Sun Valley, Idaho, to test just that – how to execute a variety of basic Military operations in some very adverse conditions, specifically a High Alpine environment. We had 3-4 ft of snow, high altitude, and some very cold days. Getting thrown into that environment just makes relying on your gear and equipment much more important. We always say, ‘there is no bad weather, just inappropriate gear.” We made sure we had the right stuff, particularly as we knew there would be a ton of snow and some pretty cold days. The mobility piece was key as well – becoming familiar with the Snow Machines, working with the AT skis, practicing transitions off and on with full kit and weapons. It all came together as we conducted some basic Battle Drills, specifically rehearsing a break contact drill. Bounding back and forth in waist-deep snow was almost impossible, so using the sleds and keeping them in close proximity of areas of maneuver were key. We’ve executed Battle Drill 2 hundreds of times in all different environments, but rehearsing, and then going live, in these very demanding conditions was a killer experience. By the end of the few days, the confidence level was strong and if it ever went to the real deal we’d be prepared.”


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