When I was a SEAL Team Three new guy l was sent to Parachute Rigger school in Ft. Lee, VA. It was a wild trip to say the least. At the time ST3 was authorized to wear desert cammies and it drove the Army nuts that I was in desert fatigues when they were all in winter. They actually made me use the back entrance to the school.

I’ll tell you the rest of that story, including my Crown Royal incident, another day.

But, I did learn how to sew!

I’d cut my uniforms and re-sew my pockets on at a 45-degree angle for better access, made my own belts on the big Singer machine, and got pretty good at a box stitch.

Years later I met a friend at a business course who was a fashion stylist to the stars (the Beckham’s, and a bunch of others). She taught me about simplicity and uniformity to match my personal style. Ever since I’ve been obsessed with design and fashion, especially functionality.

I treated myself to one of the only suits I own at G&H on Seville Row in London and drove the tailors crazy with my requests for pocket angles and hidden features. They put up with my shit but actually refused to do a 45-degree angled breast pocket! Too funny.

(Photo: Gieves & Hawkes London)

So, what does all this mean for you?

For the SOFREP membership, I’m going to experiment with one design concept every three months, we call this a “quarter” in the business world.

The first quarter (a little late on this design but it’s here) is a limited edition members-only hoodie designed by yours truly, Brandon Webb, ex-Navy SEAL sniper course manager, and yes… designer.

I worked with a U.S. manufacturer to source some of the best hoodie blank materials. The patches are custom-made in Asia but sewn on in the States. The logo design is inspired by old Special Ops unit designs from Vietnam and created a sleeve SR patch. There’s one other surprise feature but I’ll let you discover it yourselves.

Custom just costs a bit more, and it will be a few weeks to make and deliver. But I think you’ll find it’s worth it and it creates a zero inventory model for us, better for the environment and our balance sheet.

One day I’ll tell you about ordering an extra two million USD in inventory for Crate Club that almost put us out of business! Zero inventory risk is a good thing.

We’re taking orders for these hoodies from SOFREP members until the end of February and are doing one run only and then onto the next project.

Order yours here.

Bonus: when you bring custom merch to our next party the first round is on us.

I would also like your feedback below on what other items you’d like to see. Luggage, bags, mugs, hats, etc…

You Dream it, We’ll Build it.