The massive explosion that rocked Beirut on August 4, has generated worldwide shock. The international community has responded and sent search and rescue teams and aid to the already suffering people of Lebanon. 

For the average citizen of Beirut, the shock is now giving way to anger as the affected citizens ask how could the government so haphazardly store such a dangerous amount of explosive material in such a key area of the country. 

The massive explosion was caused by about 2,750 metric tons of high-grade ammonium nitrate stored in the port of Lebanon. It completely destroyed the surrounding port area. The blast pressure generated by the explosion damaged buildings some 10 miles away; it was felt over 20 miles away from the blast site. The explosion was so strong it was heard Cyprus over 125 miles away. 

Lebanese citizens are not just asking why this happened: they are lashing out over government corruption and dishonesty that has put the already suffering country in an even worse predicament.