The Infidel is an “out the front” opening blade that requires about a ¾ inch thumb push to both compress and release its springs and deploy the blade making this weapon as safe as it is “F’ing” killer.

Corpsman up!

As a Corpsman (Navy Medic), I’ve seen many lacerations caused by one’s personal knife, and for the most part, these injuries occur when either opening or closing said weapon / envelope / MRE / box opener.  For this reason I would typically shy away from any “Bloody Marry” type knives that open out the front. The inherent risk of these bad boys opening into ones femoral artery always seemed… well, too likely; but it looks like Benchmade has addressed the issue quite well by using tensionless springs.

Wait – What did you just pull out of your pocket?

I don’t have to say much about the “Bad-A” nature of an out the front opener. Just the visualization of the knife being held to one’s side, the audible “switch” sound and the instantaneous appearance of a double-edged blade will do. It wouldn’t matter if you were confronting an 85 pound Gangsta wannabe complete with baggy pants and a stainless steel “Vapor Cigarette” hanging from his neck or just opening a box of Girl Scout cookies at a BBQ. You whip this baby out and eyes will turn.

It’s the size that counts

The Infidel comes in two different sizes:

  • Infidel 3350 = 3.1 inch blade

  • Infidel 3300 = 3.91 inch blade

Merry Christmas Mother Frontopener!

Ah… The things you can order online: Benchmade Infidel 3300

Merry Christmas!