In this week’s Best of SOFREP, we look at Coriolanus’ post, Government Hackers and the Dark Web Part 1, which covers the deep web and its relationship to analytics, and the dark web and its relationship to nefarious activity in brief.

Coriolanus is the real deal, a US government super-secret good guy patriotic hacker who has been known to hang out on SOFREP Team Room chat. He writes:

I hack on my free time, and I do it on my “box” or console. I got friends out there too. If you can think of a certain patriotic hacker, you probably have heard of him as well. I also hack for the United States Government. That’s part of my R&D function. I use expl01ts, vulns, scripts (I code in Python), and Linux. I use the aforementioned tools against data, and I create simulated/virtualized environments to test “hacks.”

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(Featured Image Courtesy: Army Times)