Have you ever been shouted at by an old man for over an hour? If you were one of the millions of Americans watching President Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) address last night, you experienced just that.

Loud and Cranky

Biden was loud, cantankerous, and obviously shot full of some sort of cocktail of amphetamines. On a normal day, this man would drift off to nap-land in the middle of the afternoon during important meetings with heads of state. Not last night. He showed the nation the kind of animation that only comes in short bursts after some sort of chemical enhancement—kind of like that time your kid had one too many Mountain Dews. I’ll bet he is still sleeping it off.


Early in the speech, the President noted, “History is watching.” Yes, Joe, history is watching, and my guess is it will remember that statement as the moment when thinking people determined to make Donald Trump our next President.

Listen to Tucker Carlson’s first take on the speech.

Out of Touch

Volume is no substitute for substance, and Biden and his speech writers still don’t get it. He’s out of touch with the average American. He has failed the nation, and either has been deluded into not realizing that or just does not care. Honestly, ask yourself, “Am I better off than I was three years ago?” No? I didn’t think so.

Prices are up. There are Americans who are hungry because they cannot afford the rising cost of food. Mortgage rates are the highest they have been in years. Rent is unaffordable for many people, keeping many in Gen Z stuck at home with their parents. The influx of illegals coming across our southern border is a national crisis. It’s not just people from South and Central America looking for a better life: many Chinese nationals are crossing our Southern border. Then there are those from nations well known to harbor terrorist organizations: Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, and others.

Do we now have terrorist cells here in the US today? Probably.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene wore a MAGA hat to the State of the Union. The Sergeant at Arms asked her to remove it. She refused, saying, “I said ‘I certainly understand. You do what you need to do; I’ll pay a fine, I’ll do — whatever, a warning … you can haul me out of here, go ahead and try it.'” Greene is considered by many to be a potential running mate to former President Trump.


Currently, the US is at the weakest point we have been militarily in quite a while. This is not the fault of the men and women who are currently serving the armed forces. I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of their leadership, and the buck stops with the Commander in Chief, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Those who would do us harm have no respect for President Biden, and if I were a betting man, I’d bet they have plans of what to do with us if push comes to shove.

If Biden stays in office, we will see continued downsizing and weakening of the military. We’ll stand by and watch as ongoing conflicts rage on with no clear path to victory for either side. Severe issues exist for many of our veterans. Suicide, limited access to care (especially mental health care), a backlog of disability claims, and veteran homelessness are among these.

There is Only One Fix

The way I see it, there is only one way out of the “world of hurt” we are in today. Re-elect Donald Trump to the presidency.  Trump gets it. He understands the problems of the average American and we have seen him work tirelessly for change. We were better off in many ways three years ago. Trump’s strength is respected by world leaders, friends, and foes alike. He’ll step in and put an end to the massive influx at the border, he’ll work to get our train wreck of an economy back on track again and yes, like the phrase or not, he will work to make America great again.

It’s time to end the Biden experiment and bring our great nation back to where it should be.