The new gun bill is like putting Godzilla in a paper cage and expecting the bars to hold.

Paper cages don’t really do much to keep Godzilla from rampaging.

Mostly this is a “feel-good” bill for politicians and their constituents but will do little to prevent school shootings or violent gun crime, the two issues we face in America.

Like most of the gun legislation passed previously it just puts more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners further frustrating them and ensuring they donate more to the NRA which takes the hardest line reflexively on any type of regulation of firearms. It is never enough for the Gun-Banners either, who want the US population totally disarmed.

I’ve been vocal on the 2A since leaving the Navy SEAL Teams once I realized how absurd the situation is on both extremes. I left it alone for a few years because it honestly was causing me a lot of lost sleep and nobody seemed ready to listen…until now.

We can keep the spirit of our constitutional rights to own firearms intact while also shedding prehistoric rhetoric in an effort to get with the f’ng times.

No parent should have to worry about their kids getting shot to death during kindergarten recess and law-abiding people should be able to walk city streets without worrying about getting sprayed with gunfire.

These are two major issues this bill should have addressed but does not even come close to addressing. The law is so far outside of the x-ring that it scores zero for this range master.