The new gun bill is like putting Godzilla in a paper cage and expecting the bars to hold.

Paper cages don’t really do much to keep Godzilla from rampaging.

Mostly this is a “feel-good” bill for politicians and their constituents but will do little to prevent school shootings or violent gun crime, the two issues we face in America.

Like most of the gun legislation passed previously it just puts more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners further frustrating them and ensuring they donate more to the NRA which takes the hardest line reflexively on any type of regulation of firearms. It is never enough for the Gun-Banners either, who want the US population totally disarmed.

I’ve been vocal on the 2A since leaving the Navy SEAL Teams once I realized how absurd the situation is on both extremes. I left it alone for a few years because it honestly was causing me a lot of lost sleep and nobody seemed ready to listen…until now.

We can keep the spirit of our constitutional rights to own firearms intact while also shedding prehistoric rhetoric in an effort to get with the f’ng times.

No parent should have to worry about their kids getting shot to death during kindergarten recess and law-abiding people should be able to walk city streets without worrying about getting sprayed with gunfire.

These are two major issues this bill should have addressed but does not even come close to addressing. The law is so far outside of the x-ring that it scores zero for this range master.

Let’s take a look at the Bill.

Require more gun sellers to register as Federally Licensed Firearm Dealers

The problem is preventing mass shootings and reducing the number of illegal firearms in circulation. This does nothing but put in place more bureaucracy and is a government revenue $ driver.

$750 million to help states implement and run crisis intervention programs

This is like giving the cell block keys to the inmates and expecting them to rehabilitate themselves.

Reminds me of the time I spent as a veteran advocate for the SBA and learned they spent $200 million on veteran employment programs and didn’t collect any data to measure the program’s success. How do you know if the money is helping anyone>  How do you know it’s being spent properly.  These are tax dollars than Americans work hard to earn.

Do we honestly believe States will put this money to good use? I think not.

Increases funding for mental health programs and school security

This money is directed to a series of programs, many of which already exist but would be funded more robustly under the new law. It doesn’t say that this money will augment, or be added to existing programs, so states may defund whatever they currently have, stick it in the general revenue fund, and replace it with the money coming from “Uncle Sugar” in DC.  This is how the states sold the Lottery to us. They promised the money would go to “education” making people believe it would be a top-line add to that funding, instead they took money out of education to spend on other things and just replaced it with Lotto dollars.

The Boyfriend loophole

The “boyfriend loophole” deals with allowing unmarried partners to own guns if they are found guilty of violence against a dating partner.
Federal law bars people from purchasing a firearm if they are convicted of domestic violence while:
  • Living with their partner
  • Married to their partner
  • Have a child with their partner

Ask yourself the question, “Is this going to really reduce violent gun crime or school shootings?”

More thorough reviews of people ages 18-21 who want to buy guns


Hawaii becomes first state to put gun owners in federal database

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The bill encourages states to include juvenile records in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System(NICS). Encouraging is not the same as doing it.  The states need to pay people to sit in front of computers and enter this data into NICS.  The federal government needs to do that too for the crimes it convicts people of.  So does the military.  The current system is a leaking sieve of missing information that is letting people buy guns who have serious crimes in their records.

The Feds also need to prosecute felons who try to buy guns, because it’s a crime for them to even walk into a gun store and fill out that form.

How many 0f the school shootings would have been prevented by this law? My guess is zero-based on most of the shooters not having previous convictions, they did all suffer from mental health issues that were not being diagnosed, not being treated, and not being reported.

And this may not even be allowed legally. To require two different background check criteria based on age, may end up being unconstitutional.  Take out the age requirement here for enhanced checks that take up to 10 days and replace it with a racial one where blacks or Hispanics have to submit to a more extensive check and you see the problem.

Creates new federal statutes against gun trafficking and straw purchase trafficking

The legislation helps law enforcement to go after people who buy guns for those who are not allowed to purchase firearms.

Again, criminals don’t care and this does nothing to address the issue of keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, a major cause of mass shootings.


I could develop a more meaningful bill with a classroom of 5th graders.

These two measures below would go a long way to preventing what I believe we can all agree on are the major issues we are trying to address in this country of mentally unstable people using guns in mass shootings and violent gun crime in urban settings like east New York, south-central Los Angeles, and the south side of Chicago.

  1. Mental health records need to be a part of the check to own a gun.  Right now, 64% of jail inmates, 54% of state prisoners and 45% of federal prisoners are being treated for mental illness.  So we can say mentally ill people are getting treatment, but they are getting it in prison AFTER their mental illness results in them harming someone. It shouldn’t work that way.
  2. Enforce long prison sentences for anyone using a firearm to break the law. Florida has a 10-20-Life system where using a gun in a crime gets you ten years, discharging it gets you 20 years, and killing someone gets you life in prison. There is no money in this bill to expand prison beds for criminals who use firearms in crimes.

So here we are again with more “lipstick on a hog” gun laws that will do very little to address the current situation other than allowing career politicians to feel good about themselves on tv or when they are schmoozing with the Hollywood elite.

Please share your thoughts below.