Last month, Boko Haram took 110 schoolgirls hostage in Nigeria and almost all of them have been released in Dapchi, Nigeria, the town from which they were taken. Boko Haram was seen driving truckloads of the girls back into town and letting them go.

Reports of the exact numbers are still coming in and discrepancies appear across the board. A statement from the personal assistant of the Nigerian President claimed that 106 of 110 abducted persons were released, including another boy and girl later on. It is not indicated how the boy was involved in the first place.

Other reports say that a Christian girl is still held hostage and that five others were killed during the initial abductions. The most dangerous part of any captivity is during the initial, violent kidnapping. Reports indicate that this is when the five were killed; one of the returned girls said the deceased were crushed when the 110 were forced into vehicles.

No ransoms were reported to have been paid; no concessions were granted. Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, said that “through back-channel efforts and with the help of some friends of the country and it was unconditional.” The minister also said that,