Terrorists in Love introduces us to men like Ahmad Al-Shayea, an Al Qaeda suicide bomber who survives his attack only to become fiercely pro-American; Zeddy, who trains terrorists while being paid by America’s ally, the Pakistani Army; and Malik, Taliban leader Mullah Omar’s personal seer. Lifting the veil on the mysterious world of Muslim holy warriors, Ballen probes these men’s deepest secrets, revealing the motivations behind their deadly missions and delivering a startling new exploration of what drives them to violence and why there is yet an unexpected hope for peace. An extraordinarily gifted listener and storyteller, Ballen takes us where no one has dared to go—deep into the secret heart of Islamic fundamentalism, providing a glimpse at the lives, loves, frustrations, and methods of those whose mission it is to destroy us.


My notes:

Ken Ballen provides a different and welcome perspective on the DNA of what situations exist that produce the extremists of the world.   Most of the examples are of front line pawns being seduced, and used like martyr trash by AQ leadership in Iraq (e.g. Bin Laden wasn’t strapping on a suicide vest any time soon).

My favorite story was about the Afghan Malik who was Mullah Omar’s Seer (Taliban leader) and right hand man.  Malik is a true believer that catches on to the fact that the Taliban are as corrupt as they come.  He also disdains the two-faced agenda of the Pakitani ISI.  A good example of how political power and money have no religious bias and are alive and well in the Muslim world as the are in Washington.

I won’t ruin it for you by telling more, it’s a great and fast read.  Go check it out if you want some insight at what makes this Islamic extremist movement tick, as well as the religious, political and social environments that make up the radicals of tomorrow..