When I served as a sniper in the US Army I was never given the Tom Berenger award or any such nonsense, but having conducted dozens of combat operations as a sniper and having graduated from the Army sniper school, I would not have thought that this book would be packed full of new content that I had never heard of before.

The “Maritime Sniper Manual” has something to teach junior and veteran snipers alike. The manual is broken down in a logical manner and presents the information in easy to digest bits and pieces as you read the book. Here is some of the information I learned that I have never read from any other source:

-How to make wind calls based on sea conditions (ie: size of the waves)
-How to time your shots between waves and synchronize your breath rate with them
-An in depth discussion on environmental factors such as how water temperature effects air temperature, which as we know effects external ballistics.
-A detailed look at shooting through the different types of glass that can be found on large ships
-Where is the best position on a ship for a sniper to place himself and how to construct a steady firing position once he gets there.