Terrorists have again cowardly attacked innocent people. Again we’ve seen scenes of explosions, chaos, people wounded and people dead.

Having lived in Israel for a long time I, like most people in Israel, am all too familiar with these scenes. We’ve seen them over and over again. During the 2001-2003 period alone there was an average of one suicide bomber on a cafe, school or bus a month or so. Yet Israelis continue living. They continue with their everyday activities almost with maniacal normalcy.

Why? How?

Terrorists thrive in the chaos and pain that follows an attack. If we show fear, if we show that our way of life has been disrupted then the terrorists win.

We should NOT allow this.

It’s time to be strong now. It’s time to remember those that are no longer with us and hope for the wounded. Then we need to return to our lives. We need to show the terrorists that they cannot disrupt the freedom we have. We are stronger than this. We are together and we care for each other.

It’s time to go on being happy. Don’t give the terrorists anything they can celebrate.

When the time is right, we will get those responsible. We WILL get them.

Stay safe and stay strong.

(Featured Image Credit: JESTER)