What if you were part of a promising young rock band that had the real potential to make it to the big stage? If I’m a teenager, that’s a dream come true. But what would it take to give all that up? I can’t think of anything. Founding member of the popular all-veteran rock band Silence and Light, Brad Thomas, did exactly that. He decided to give up his dream of becoming a rock star to not only enlist in the U.S. Army but to join one of the world’s most elite fighting units — Delta Force. And after spending 20 years with the Army, he went back to music, his passion.

That’s quite a ride. 

In an exclusive interview, SOFREP sat down with Brad to talk about his love of music, his military experience, and Silence and Light’s charitable mission. 

Brad Thomas with some “D-Boys” somewhere, doing things you aren’t allowed to know about. And you did not see that 160th SOAR Blackhawk in the background either.

“I Want To Be Delta Force”

Brad fell in love with music early on and credits his parents for it.

“One of the things they did for me was to expose me to live music at a very young age. Barry Manilow was one of my first concerts and as soon as I saw that stuff, I was like that’s what I want to do.” Brad says.

After spending years taking music lessons as a child — piano, saxophone, clarinet — Brad finally realized he was missing something from his musical adventure.

Brad says, “In 1980 when [ACDC’s] Back in Black came out, I bought it. You can’t play that on a saxophone, so that’s when I was like, I need a guitar.”

During high school and the few years following that, Brad was in a rock band that had potential. “We had some really good members,” Brad says.