Brandon Webb will appear appeared live today, 4pm Pacific, on the Glenn Beck’s Real News, where he joins the discussion about the recent shooting of Afghan civilians by a US Army Soldier.

Watch the video of Brandon’s interview.

From the show’s producer:

Afghanistan:  Rather than do a complete rehash of “we need to leave, how quickly should that happen” as the Main Stream Media is likely to do today let’s compare “act of war” vs. “fog of war”. This was not the act of a rational person – the increasing tension in Afghanistan, the prolonged and repeated tours of duty there, would likely make even the strongest among us start to break – but as in life, we’re not all strong. So how does the “fog of war” aspect play into this tragedy, what is the “troop” perspective on the quagmire we seem to be in and what does it mean for them now that the Taliban has called for revenge?

Guests on the panel: Se Cupp, Brandon Webb, Andrew Wilkow, Will Cain, Buck Sexton And Moderator Amy Holmes

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