Today I’ve got something very special, an article written for Soldier of Fortune magazine where former Special Forces Officer Jim Morris interviews former Special Operation Aviation pilot, theorist, and innovator, John Robb.  I’ve been a follower of both of these men for a long time now and thought it was great to play the “fly on the wall” and listen into their conversation here.  This is cutting edge stuff and John Robb’s ideas about the future of warfare should be taught at the Special Forces Qualification Course and anywhere else that endeavors to teach our soldiers the art of unconventional warfare.


The Age of the Internet Ushers in the Age of the Merc

By Jim Morris

Recently LTC Robert K. Brown read Brave New War, by John Robb, a former Air Force officer with a Spec Ops background. Highly impressed, he asked correspondent Jim Morris, best known for his coverage of Vietnam and the guerrilla wars of the 80s, to interview Robb for an update on 21st Century guerrilla war.

SOF: Your book had the effect of making me rethink every thought I’ve had on the subject of guerrilla warfare since about 1962, and in that period about half my thoughts were on some aspect of guerrilla warfare.

But, as you have demonstrated, GW has changed a lot during that period, as has every other aspect of social organization.

A while back Ralph Peters did a piece on the new Guerrilla Warfare manual, in which he stated that everything about guerrilla warfare had changed. And, as your book so clearly demonstrates, it has. Open Source Warfare is vastly different than the War of National Liberation strategy we faced in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. But my thought when I read that piece was that all or most of these changes are in addition to, not in lieu of.

At the risk of tooting my own horn (a risk I frequently take) I’m going to quote a short passage from my book The Devil’s Secret Name, which was about guerrilla wars in the ’80s.