A new treatment for PTSD, TBI, chronic pain, military sexual trauma, and opiate addiction which is known as Magnetic eResonance Therapy technology (MeRT technology) is ready for use. This technology has already treated hundreds of veterans, including many from the SOF community.  MeRT technology is pioneered by the Brain Treatment Center (BTC), based out of Southern California.  Thus far, this treatment option has been used to heal over 400 veterans – all of whom have been treated by BTC for free.

However, the free treatments are not sustainable in the long run. It’s not possible to create a wave of treatments and make a dent in Veteran suicide without help. The veteran suicide rate should be alarming to everyone. Scarier still is that some believe the rate may be lower. If it’s higher or lower, it’s a problem, nonetheless.

But, there is no doubt that with capital and help a cut in the rate could happen. We shouldn’t be waiting on this. Institutions like NiCOE (National Intrepid Center of Excellence) should be involved. More so, philanthropic organizations like the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation could award a grant. Bottom line, there can’t be enough attention on the issue of Veteran suicide and possible viable treatments.

MeRT technology has achieved unprecedented success rates in both open-label trials and placebo-controlled, double-blind studies.  To date, 98% of veteran PTSD/TBI patients have responded positively to this treatment option – averaging a 61% reduction in symptom severity as measured by the PTSD Check List – Military (PCL-M) and demonstrated by measurable EEG/EKG changes.  Notably, the average treatment length is only four weeks. The Department of Defense is currently in the process of developing pilot programs on MeRT technology to treat a cohort of military personnel.

Interestingly, in theory, you can receive a diagnostic and gain an understanding of your mental status. That is to say; I might be suffering to a degree. But, I don’t know it, and there is no mechanism to identify outside of self-reporting to receive help. Even, if and when I do it would likely be talk therapy, fly fishing, a resort – but not quantifiable results except some piece of mind. This treatment option should see the light of day and given a chance to ascend to the national level.

Most important and relevant to us, Congressman Steve Knight (CA-25) introduced a new bill, known as H.R. 5600, the “No Hero Left Untreated Act,” which will develop pilot programs within the Department of Veterans Affairs on MeRT technology. This bill matters because we can voice support. The bill currently has 21 cosponsors including Ryan Zinke, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Russell, and Chris Gibson. Current supporters of the bill include American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Association of the U.S. Army.

Featured image courtesy of taskandpurpose.com