Over the last few months it has been hard to ignore all the hype about what people are calling the biggest vote in British history: Brexit, England’s potential leaving of the European Union. Until yesterday, people all around Britain had been hitting the polling stations, casting their vote on whether or not Britain would leave the EU. Everyone was talking about it—from the rich and powerful right down to hard-working normal people. This means a lot to us all. For months now, the newspapers and news channels have been broadcasting this hype like clockwork. To give you guys some perspective on how big this really is, Boris Johnston, former mayor of London, said, “The Americans have their independence day tomorrow; if we leave, Britain will have its independence day!” That was enough to make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, and I don’t think I am the only one in the crowd who went wild after hearing that.

David Cameron, the recently resigned PM, was heading the stay campaign, saying, “Britain is stronger in Europe,” alongside 28 other members. One of those members is Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party and possibly the biggest danger to Britain. Now the stay party has been accused of using scaremongering tactics like, “If we leave, people will lose their jobs,” and, “It could be economic and political chaos.” Untested people are always afraid of change no matter what it is. A lot of people are afraid that if we leave, it could turn into financial disaster. It could affect a lot of big international companies that have business deals because of the EU deal. But I want to say this on that subject: 40 years ago we voted to be a part of the EU, and the main reason behind that was the trade deals. Now we are still trading with them, just outside of the EU’s greedy mitts. Take Switzerland: They’re not a part of the EU, but they still trade with them. Of course, at the start there will be chaos because a lot of people will have to renegotiate deals. It’s not like the remaining members are going to say, “OK, you left the EU, now we’re not going to do business with you.” People on the other side still need UK business just as much as we need them.

Now here is why I voted to leave: I am British and very proud. At 16 years old, I joined the British Army because I love my country. In fact, I love everything about England. I like the queen. I think she is cool. I like the pound. I love my flag. I like the shit weather and bad food. Nothing better than a cup of tea and a smoke on a cold morning. If we stay in the EU, we are no longer British. If we use the euro, forget Parliament because what would be the need for them? It’s not like they can decide what happens here. That will happen in Brussels by people who don’t live here or have never been here! So there goes democracy. The British Army, once the greatest army in world, is hanging on a thread as the EU wants an EU army and all those in the EU will be integrated. That’s hundreds of years of heritage lost! If someone had said to me at 16, “Join the EU army or the British Army,” I know what I would have said. Forget border control; I mean, look at Brussels and France. I was there in those places, and they are far from safe. In fact, I would say I was safer in Somalia.

How can someone dictate who and how many refugees we should take in? I think they need to take a walk around the streets after daylight and see just how many homeless people we have sleeping there, or how many veterans are sleeping in the dirt. How many single moms can’t get houses because there aren’t enough? Why? Because refugees are given priority! How can someone from another country be given more priority than one of our own? We can’t even deport known terrorists because it breaches their human rights! Instead, they take them to the European courts. We have to fight with them to protect our own lives. How can a country that once ruled most of world become so pathetic and bow down to just about anyone? I mean, not to hit out at you yanks, but Barack Obama even said that England should stay in the EU. How the hell does he know what is good for Britain? He has his own problems to deal with without telling us what to do.