For some, there is absolutely nothing sexier or more powerful than a Rockwell B-1B Lancer, also known as the “Bone” or “BOne,” in full afterburner on takeoff. Taking a look at the photo, it’s really difficult to not agree.

Admittedly, we at FighterSweep are very spoiled in the sense we get to witness the BOne incinerating dinosaurs on a fairly regular basis–whether it’s at their homes at in Texas, South Dakota, or at Nellis Air Force Base outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. I can speak for all of us on the team when I say no moment basking in all of the Bone’s thunderous, soul-numbing, reheat glory is ever wasted.

This photo was taken during the Defensive Counter Air (DCA) Vulnerability Period at the U.S. Air Force Weapons School, usually the last VUL before graduation. This particular jet was being flown by our good friend “NOGS,” and shortly after this photo was taken, he pulled the BOne into a mind-boggling climb and right turn to motor on out to the airspace.

In fact, the takeoff we witnessed looked a lot like this one–minus all of the photographers and tail-spotters getting tossed around like tumbleweeds; we witnessed ours from the perspective (and safety!) of the Nellis control tower. There’s no denying the B-1B is a badass airplane, and for many reasons. There’s also no denying the fact we never, ever get tired of seeing this girl light ’em up and get airborne to go rain harsh judgement on her assigned targets.

So Happy Burner Friday, FighterSweep fans! We hope you have a fantastic weekend.

(Featured photo by Jonathan Derden)