November 30 through December 1, the leaders of the G20 will meet in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to discuss a range of issues — from trade, to economic development, to financial stabilization. This summit will be a gathering of world leaders with many important issues to be discussed, and may be the most important meeting of 2018 with leaders such as President Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Angela Merkel.

What is the G20?

Mauricio Macri: President of Argentina

The G20 is a forum of the world’s 20 largest economies that meet to discuss challenges that face the most prominent economies. The G20 countries represent a combined total of 85% of the world’s economic output and 66% of the world’s population. The current president of the G20 is President Mauricio Macri, president of Argentina. The current G20 president hosts the meeting and also sets the agenda for the meeting.

Context and background to the summit