The Canadian Government remains firmly against the assistance of Iran in the current Iraq crisis, despite Washington and London’s willingness to consider it. In fact, the Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed that Canada’s relations with Iran will remain almost nonexistent until they can prove their trustworthiness.

However, Ottawa has completely ruled out a Canadian intervention in Iraq. Their only ambassador, housed in the British embassy, has already been repatriated. Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird was clear about Canada’s position on the situation in Iraq:

“We are committed to working with the Iraqi leadership,” Baird said, before quickly adding: “I should point out that Canada has not been asked to participate in any military effort, nor is it something we are considering.”

While I agree with the current Canadian Government position regarding intervention and the relations with Iran, I cannot stress enough how Iran could turn their back on us at any time. Of course, their help could prove useful, but we’re dealing with a country that has been lying and making the West their number one enemy for years. Instead of the West relying on Iran, NATO countries should provide more support and help the Iraqi government until the situation is fixed.