When discussing the history of cavalry in the United States, the American Civil War and the battles against Native American tribes in the Old West are always the first to come to mind. Names like Phil Sheridan, John Buford, Judson “Kill Cavalry” Kilpatrick, and George Armstrong Custer from the Union while, J.E.B. Stuart, Wade Hampton, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and “Rooney” Lee from the Confederacy excite the popular imagination. Custer and Sheridan would figure in the wars out west, and Custer would die at the Little Big Horn with most of the U.S 7th Cavalry.

However, the name of Casimir Pulaski is rarely mention. Yet, Pulaski created some of the very first and very effective cavalry forces for the United States during the Revolutionary War.

After creating a name for himself in Europe, he came to America and joined the 13 colonies in their war of independence against the British thank to the efforts of Benjamin Franklin. 

Pulaski served in the Continental Army under General George Washington. He was killed fighting against the British Army on October 11, 1779.