At least CBS has admitted the error, and I respect the network for this. That said, Jack and I have spoken to a senior producer in the past who wanted us to spoon feed them on Benghazi. When we did they essentially checked out, and we never heard back. One phone call to us, and we could have told them Davie’s was likely full of shit based on our contacts inside the CIA that were intimately close to the rescue.

“There are people in the world who try to deceive others,” he said. “We believe we have a really good system to guard against that. This guy got through that.”

-CBS’s Fager

When I eventually heard their source’s full story (I missed the CBS segment initially) I knew right away that he was full of it based on my direct source conversations with CIA. The sources we used had direct, and intimate knowledge of the rescue effort that was led by CIA contractor and former SEAL Ty Woods. Ty is a hero for going against the CIA Chief of Base’s (COB) initial decision to do nothing.  We’ve heard that apparently the COB didn’t want to act out of fear related to careerism I’m told. The COB would later get an award for his “actions” that day.

The other heroes? Former SEAL Glen Doherty, and the men of JSOC’s Delta Force. These men took enormous initiative, and pushed forward to Benghazi from Tripoli. They did this while State Department personnel were evacuating the US Embassy in Tripoli for the safety of the local CIA base. The actions of Doherty and the Delta members contributed to the safe evacuation of American personnel in Benghazi, and the recovery of Stevens from the local militia controlled hospital.

The Doherty estate has received nothing in regards to death benefit compensation from the US government. Hillary Clinton, and Obama can parade his sacrifice on the Presidential election stage but that’s where the sincerity ends. The administration made no efforts to take care of basic funeral arrangements for the family. I personally find this shameful, especially given how steadfast the family was remaining completely apolitical during the Presidential campaign. If you remember, Romney’s folks tried to play off a chance meeting Glen and I had with Romney at a mutual friend’s Christmas party. I received a personal text from Romney about the very same meeting but made a choice to steer clear of politics, and instead dig in to the true nature of the State Department’s security policy failures.

Interesting to see what Thunder Road Productions will do now that Simon and Schuster (S&S) have suspended the publication. This will also hurt S&S’s bottom line as they likely paid well into six figures for the rights. Thunder Road Productions, a Los Angeles based company, optioned the book “Embassy House” with plans for a feature film; Embassy House was written by the very source (Mr. Davies) CBS say lied to them.

Jack and I have been in several conversations regarding optioning our best selling account, Benghazi: The Definitive Report but have not yet optioned the book. If we do pursue film rights we will only do it with the full support of the families of Doherty and Woods, the true heroes of the story in my opinion.