This it not Hit the Woodline, the Duffle Blog, or the Onion but there are twenty-one million daily security threats set to wander into restricted access facilities. Pokémon Go was released on the 5th of July and has swiftly become a global craze for civilians and servicemembers alike. In fact, Pokémon Go has become the biggest mobile game ever.

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Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better in regard to national security. Especially when people are being led around by a mobile device that is influenced by an unsecured third-party game, which can be influenced by other players.


Your : a “no go” in restricted areas on base, new app & more:


For the Pentagon, Pokémon Go, has, in a sense become an active metaphor of too much with too little. The 21st-century digital soldier, we don’t know how to read, but we got a lot of toys.

The Air Force is prepared to treat the wounded who walk into traffic, as opposed to telling servicemembers to put their damned phones away.