On Sunday, a spokesman for China’s defense ministry blasted the U.S. as the “destroyer of world peace” while criticizing an annual Pentagon report on Beijing’s increasingly belligerent military goals.

This statement is a rebuttal of the Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on Chinese military developments and goals that was released in early September. According to the report, Chinese goals may have “serious implications for U.S. national interests and the security of the international rules-based order.”

Spokesman Colonel Wu Qian called the Department of Defense’s report a “wanton distortion” of China’s intentions.

“Many years of evidence shows that it is the U.S. that is the fomenter of regional unrest, the violator of the international order and the destroyer of world peace,” he said.

He added that U.S. actions in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and other countries, is responsible for the deaths of over 800,000 people and the displacement of millions.

“Chinese military advancement was driven by defending national sovereignty, safety, and development. It is not against any country and would not threaten any country,” Wu Qian said, adding that the U.S. report was a display of “hegemony and provocation.”

“Rather than reflecting on itself, the U.S. issued a so-called report that made false comments about China’s normal defense and military construction,” he added. “We call on the U.S. to view China’s national defense and military construction objectively and rationally, cease making false statements and related reports, and take concrete actions to safeguard the healthy development of bilateral military relations.”

The Defense Department’s 200-page report looks in detail at the PLA’s technical capabilities, doctrines, and the ultimate aims of China’s military buildup.