Activities in the BC Place Stadium located in downtown Vancouver were set aside recently to let the Vancouver Police Department snipers train with the instructors of Craft International LLC, co-founded by Chris Kyle. The training helps ensure the criminals will lose the game on a third and final down.

In recent years, SWAT teams and Emergency Response Teams across Canada have begun training with consulting and training providers, who are mostly owned by ex-military operators from across the globe, on tactics used by the military. This gives them the edge against a growing numbers of both criminals and potential terrorists. We all know Canada has been harboring more and more terrorists, and our law enforcement needs to be ready to deal with them.

The training took place four years after the 2010 Winter Olympics, from February 3 to February 5, alongside some other agencies, rumoured to include the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and some Washington state personnel. VPD media relation constable, Brian Montague, declined to identify the other agencies that were present in training for operational (OPSEC) and personal (PERSEC) security reasons.

The training topics, given by Mark Lang and Kelly Canterbury, included:

  • Live Fire Training at the Rexall Place Arena
  • Angle Firing Classroom and Practical application
  • Zero Confirmation of distances
  • Sniper Standards
  • Traditional and Advance Firing Platforms
  • Venue Overwatch Planning
  • Sectorization of the Venue
  • Deliberate and Hasty FFP’s and responses
  • Live Fire training Missions

BC Place Stadium

On Craft International’s Facebook page, I was also able to see an Abbotsford law enforcement officer, as well.

Abbotsford LE officer

Craft International offers 28 different training regimens designed for law enforcement, including basic carbine training to undercover narcotics vehicle fighting. You can read on Craft’s objectives in training law enforcement officers on their website: