A leaked report in Mexico affirms that the US officials attacked by Mexican Federal Police last week were CIA agents, something that has since been confirmed to InSight Crime.

Writing for El Universal, Mexican journalist Carlos Loret de Mola claimed on August 28 that he had been privy to a confidential report confirming that the two US officials injured after Mexican Federal Police opened fire on their armored Toyota SUV in Morelos state on August 24 were in fact Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officials.

A high level intelligence source has since confirmed to InSight Crime that the men were CIA personnel.

The document seen by Loret de Mola is reportedly based on testimony by the injured agents, who were supervising a training course for Mexican Navy officers at a base in Xalatlaco, Mexico State, near where the attack took place. It confirms that five vehicles were involved in the attack instead of four, contrary to initial reports.

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Bullet-riddled US embassy SUV in Mexico
Bullet-riddled US embassy SUV in Mexico

American agents who were shot last Friday, along with a Captain of the Marina of Mexico, as they headed to the shooting range and  Marines Infantry  training field located Xalatlaco area, belong to the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA, for its acronym in English), confirmed official sources close to the investigation, which added that the attack took place after the attackers were in close view of the diplomatic vehicle occupants.

According to the obtained information by this newspaper, the aggression against the American agents and of the marine was direct and the fact that there were no fatal victims, it was because the Toyota SUV they were travelling in was amour  grade 7 (the highest level there is).
The reports given the same day of the incident, which occurred near Tres Marias, Morelos, the U.S. embassy reported that it had been an ambush , while the Federal Police said it had been a confusion.
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