If asked to name, without a shred of evidence or data for backup, three groups of American combatants that have caused the most mayhem and chaos in Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, these would be my guess: Apache helicopter pilot/gunners, AC-130 gunners, and Air Force Combat Controllers.  (Drone Operators… NO.)

Please read this Air Force Times article about two of the latter, Combat Controllers Technical Sergeant Ismael Villegas and Staff Sergeant Dale Young, and the awards they earned.

With his second Silver Star, TSgt Villegas joins that rare group of heroes with TWO of the 3 highest awards for valor in the global war on terror.  He is the second Airman to achieve this, following in the footsteps of fellow Combat Controller Sean Harvell. Outstanding job, TSgt Villegas… FIRST THERE!- BK

From the article: TSgt Villegas: