A tiny home in Portland | Wikimedia Commons

KSHB’s 41 Action News reported it first from Kansas City, Missouri. An organization by the name of the Veterans Community Project has made substantial progress in their latest endeavor: building 30 “tiny homes” for 30 homeless veterans. They have completed the first 13 and hope to move in homeless vets soon, and have now even expanded their overall goal as support continues to flood in. As of now, they have the 13 homeless veterans picked out and are ready to move them in.

One of the three veterans who founded the project, Chris Stout said that, “We had a lot of people tell us we couldn’t do it. Not going to do it. Not happening in Kansas City. Well hate to tell you there’s 13 houses on the ground and another 37 more to come.”

What’s a tiny home? As the name implies, they are small houses — typically 300 square feet — built for those in need, or often just for those who feel like downsizing. Many have a certain kind of charm to them, and they can be customized in all sorts of ways. In the realm of inexpensive housing, a tiny home is hard to beat, making it a perfect option for charities looking to get homeless veterans off the street.

Psychology Today took a look at veteran homelessness, and many studies involved in discovering the root of it. They estimate that around 12% of all homelessness are made up of military veteransmilitary veteransmilitary veterans, quite the increase from the 7.3% of all Americans who are veterans in the first place. Psychology Today said that,