UPDATE: We decided to pull Livefyre down and use native WordPress commenting until we can provide a better commenting experience. Livefyre conflicts with our pages served in SSL, and that was causing a lot of usability issues for people. We’re working hard on a real solution – meanwhile, this should work for everybody.

Team Room, the initial responses from our ‘technical issues questionnaire’ are in, and it’s as we feared. Commenting has been a problem.

We know that commenting is pretty jacked up for some of you. If commenting worked for you before we moved to the subscription model, but it’s been a mess since, then the problem lies with us.

Most of you are seeing normal commenting operations. Some of you are seeing a weird mess of text but no commenting form, and some of you see no form at all.

There’s no need for you to contact the good people at Livefyre, we’re not trying to cause you any work or frustration! We know what the issues are and we are working towards a real resolution. We know that we have some goodwill from you folks but we don’t want to push our luck! I’ll have more for you on that shortly.

We’re closely reading your comments and I know some of you need some help fixing issues. We are building out a nice Support channel for you guys, but in the short term, you can always hit is at our Member Support form.


(Featured Image Courtesy: DVIDS: The muzzle flash of a Afghan National Army D30 howitzer illuminates the night sky as the first tactically operational rounds are fired in support of Afghan forces, here. The recently emplaced howitzer battery is the first ever to be tactically employed in Paktika province and adds an important enabler capacity for Afghan National Security Forces in this volatile boarder province.)