The below is a quasi-comprehensive list of books about and by Navy SEALs, from the World War II-era UDT “Frogmen,” through the Vietnam-era SEALs, and up to the present-day frontline warriors of the Global War on Terrorism.  It has been a bit of a labor of love for this author, as the 1990s-era Navy SEAL books, especially, helped prepare me as I contemplated making a go myself at BUD/S training.  That is where I started in making this list.  From there, it just blossomed.

Some of these are memoirs, some are historical studies, some are self-help books, some are biographies, and all revolve around the SEAL community, or the SEAL “way of life,” as it is described by some of the below authors.

I purposefully left out the SEAL “workout books,” simply as a means of limiting myself, although there are a number of those out there as well for your reading pleasure.  Perhaps a future list will cover those.  I also tried to leave out pure fiction books, although some might have snuck onto this list.  Most of the 17 or so books in the “Rogue Warrior” series, for example, are fiction — or pseudo-fiction, anyway — starring Dick Marcinko himself.  I left those out.

Absent as well are all of the SEAL/romance fiction books.  Wow.  There are a lot of those.  Who knew?  You can dig those up yourselves.