Confiscation of legal firearms could never happen in North America, right?

It has been happening in Canada for years. Active gun confiscation on a large scale is not as far away as some Americans think. With President Obama’s recent executive actions, things seem to be heading in the same direction as our northern neighbors. His executive actions involved stricter background checks, not active confiscations, but are those coming next? For many Canadians, it is not a conspiracy, it is a reality.

Canadian gun confiscation has been accompanied by the government’s discouragement of the use of firearms, even in legitimate self-defense cases. A few years ago, a man from Ontario, Ian Thomson, fired several rounds from his revolver into the air in an effort to discourage four men who were literally firebombing his home. No one was killed and the attackers fled, which was what Thomson wanted. Still, a state prosecutor came after him in a legal battle that lasted almost two years before he was finally acquitted. The goal of the state is apparently to make using a firearm for self-defense such a hassle that it will discourage people from using them at all.

What about the United States? The warning to Americans from Canadians who are experiencing the government crackdown on guns is this: Registration of all firearms, not just for new ones, leads to confiscation.