Congressional candidate and “progressive Democrat” (still trying to figure out what that means), Ken Aden, embelished a bit and told people during an interview that he was,  “you know, Green Berets, Special Forces…”.

It’s nice to see that citizens are policing up these punch bowl turds (e.g. these guys stick out like a turd in a punch bowl to SOF vets) and finally producing some consequences.

If you didn’t do the push ups and suffer selection then best shut your mouth or we will find you and out you regardless of if you served or not.

Watch below 1:49 is where the fun starts…


From ABC News

A candidate for the United States Congress has dropped out of his race in the wake of reports that he lied about his military record, specifically that he was a soldier in the Army’s Special Forces when he never completed the necessary training.

Ken Aden, the Democratic nominee to represent Arkansas’ Third Congressional District, said in a statement Monday that the questions raised regarding his record created a “tremendous distraction” for his campaign and that he was withdrawing from the race.

Aden, whose military records show was active in the Army for more than 10 years before being honorably discharged in December 2010, campaigned as having been a member of the world-renown Green Berets, saying in one interview posted on YouTube in February, “I finished up my time, my tour of duty, with, um, you know, Green Berets, Special Forces….

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