Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction, Denise Juneau (D) is challenging Rep. Ryan Zinke for his congressional seat. Juneau’s main platform is of course education. If elected she would be the first openly gay and native American women ever elected into Congress.

In her latest attempt to discredit his ability to represent the state of Montana, she attacked his disabled veteran status, basically stating that Rep. Zinke is hypocritical for telling people to stop relying on the government when he himself collects a disability check each month. She is equating his disability check to that of a welfare handout.

I have visited with vets across this state who thought Congressman Zinke would do a better job and he hasn’t. He said they shouldn’t become dependent on government when he accepts disability payments every month. Those are the type of hypocritical actions we need to get over.- Fox News

Not only is Rep. Ryan Zinke one of the few veterans who has a voice in Congress, he is also a former Navy SEAL which is important because our nation is relying heavily on a SOF presence in many countries throughout the world. It is clear with Juneau’s statements about Rep. Zinke that she is out of touch with the veteran community.