The recent reports of two packages containing bombs delivered to top officials of the European Union have the police forces bewildered. Yet again, a terrorist group based in Greece has managed to send explosives via mail, resulting in the injury of an IMF employee and causing turmoil in the police and secret agencies community. The group in question is called Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei

The organization first appeared in 2008, when it placed a bomb at the law firm of former minister of Justice Anastasios Papaligouras. In the following year, 13 more explosive mechanisms were placed in banks and civil services. In 2009, it managed to strike 10 targets within 24 hours, blowing up private companies, multinational enterprises, and placing bombs in the homes of former ministers and the secret services director. By the end of the same year, it had attacked offices of the Orthodox Church of Greece. Moreover, it had explosives placed at the embassies of Chile, Mexico, Russia and Switzerland, international institutions, and sent letter bombs to foreign leaders and entities, such as Eurojust, Europol, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Since then the group has sent out dozens of bomb packages, has attacked politicians, entrepreneurs, policemen, secret services agents, foreign state leaders, political parties and has carried out bank robberies. In some cases it has even engaged in battle with the police. In all these years, the police have managed to arrest at least 14 members of the group, but the most interesting part is the the operational elements of the organization.

The group is divided into small teams, loosely connected with one another, settled in various cities of Greece (such as Athens, Thesaloniki, Volos, Hania etc). Their funding consisted mainly in money “earned” from bank robberies. Their international contacts are based on their affiliation with the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) (in Italian: Federazione Anarchica Informale), an Italian anarchist network.