You like that title? Like Dr. Strangelove right? was. I swear it. My name is Jerry. I understand many of you are disenfranchised with the current or even past administrations. But it doesn’t mean your country is broken…or your government. It also doesn’t mean there are conspiracies under every rock. Trust me. I know. You may have seen me in a recent propaganda film by Warner Brothers.

I understand how you must feel in relation to your country. It’s controlled by the elite. The corporations control us all by putting fluoride in the water. You have no say. In the cosmic sense of it just don’t trust the government. So I would share some truth with you.  Operation Cold Turkey, or, as you like to call it…P**M, isn’t the first time your government has betrayed you. And it won’t be the last.  Many years ago, before anyone believed in the Puzzle Palace, it was spying on America already.

Take a trip back with me to 1945. At the height of the Spy-vs-Spy era, the predecessor of the November Sierra Alpha the Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA) launched Operation SHAMROCK. It was the sister project to Operation MINARET.  That’s right. This has all happened before, and just as now the “golden boys” of our community participate. Operation SHAMROCK involved the accumulation of all telegraphic data entering into or exiting from the United States. Then MINARET passed them to other government law enforcement and intelligence organizations. Intercepted messages were disseminated to the Eff Bee Eye, Charlie India Alpha, Secret Service, Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD), and the Department of Defense. Only the November Sierra Alpha did not pass it to the Department of Defense.  Because…it is the Department of Defense.