In a historic move, the Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) has decided to move all of its subordinate units to the East Coast.

The 1st Raider Battalion and 1st Marine Raider Support Battalion, both of which are currently located at Camp Pendleton, California, will relocate to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, by the September 2022.

The move will include almost 1,000 personnel (operators, enablers, and civilian staff). There, they will join the rest of the MARSOC line (2nd Raider Battalion and 3rd Raider Battalion) and support (2nd Marine Raider Support Battalion and 3rd Marine Raider Support Battalion) units.

Regardless of branch, Special Operations units are distributed all across America. For instance, there are Navy SEAL Teams in both the West and East Coast; similarly, Special Forces Groups are located on both coasts. MARSOC will now become the only Special Operations unit with a presence in just one location.